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Territory, Identity And Spatial Planning

RRP $237.99

This book provides a multi-disciplinary study of territory, identity and space in a devolved UK through the lens of spatial planning. It draws together leading internationally renowned researchers from a variety of disciplines and is the first holistic attempt to address the implications of devolution upon spatial planning and the rescaling of UK politics.
Planning is essential to delivering environmental sustainability, social inclusion, improved and integrated public transport, economic development and urban regeneration and must be analyzed in respect of other aspects of New Labour's regional project, not least the government's concern with business competitiveness. At another level, the current reforms which privilege regional scale policy interventions will inevitably require changes in the divisions of powers and responsibilities at local and national levels. In other words, devolution involves a major "rescaling" of both spatial planning and development, which is unfolding rapidly and unevenly across Britain.
This book addresses these issues, drawing on the experience of its contributors and case studies of devolved regions.

Reproductive Ecology Of Flowering Plants

RRP $519.99

Successful reproduction is the basis not only for the stability of the species in their natural habitat but also for productivity of our crop plants. Therefore, knowledge on reproductive ecology of wild and cultivated plants is important for effective management of our dwindling biodiversity and for the sustainability and improvement of the yield in crop species. Conservation and management of our plant diversity is going to be a major challenge in the coming decades, particularly in the tropical countries which are rich in biodiversity. Reproductive failure is the main driver for pushing a large number of tropical species to vulnerable category. Available data on reproductive ecology on tropical species is very limited and there is an urgent need to initiate research on these lines. A major limitation for the beginners to take up research is the absence of simple concise work manuals that provide step-wise procedures to study all aspects of reproductive ecology.

The Manual fills this void. Over 60 protocols described in the manual cover the whole spectrum of reproductive ecology - study sites and species, phenology, floral morphology and sexuality, pollen and pistil biology, pollination ecology, breeding system, seed biology, seed dispersal and seedling recruitment. Each chapter gives a concise conceptual account of the topic before describing the protocols. The Manual caters to researchers, teachers and students who are interested in any aspect of reproductive ecology of flowering plants -- botanists, ecologists, agri-horticulturists, foresters, entomologists, plant breeders and conservation biologists.

Process Plants

RRP $287.99

How far will an ounce of prevention really go? While the answer to that question may never be truly known, Process Plants: A Handbook for Inherently Safer Design, Second Edition takes us several steps closer. The book demonstrates not just the importance of prevention, but the importance of designing with prevention in mind. It emphasizes the role of inherent safety in process safety management systems and in ensuring an appropriate process safety culture. Keeping the easy to understand style that made the first edition so popular, this book clearly delineates practical, everyday issues and complex technical ones. The second edition provides: * Coverage of new inherent safety metrics and how to measure the degree or level of inherent safety * New examples of application of the various principles of inherently safer design and 20 new figures * New emphasis on the role of inherently safer design in process safety management systems and in ensuring an appropriate process safety culture * Discussion of dust explosion risk reduction by means of inherently safer approaches * New chapter on case study development, providing a comprehensive approach to the prevention and mitigation of process incidents by timely incorporation of inherently safer design This updated version of a classic text examines how to incorporate inherently safer design into process industry activities, revising and updating information based on recent research and developments. A how-to resource at its core, the book includes numerous examples that illustrate the principles of inherently safer design and how to apply them in practice. It explains how to measure the inherent safeness of a process, referencing metric tools that have been developed during the past decade and the tried and true methods that have become industry stand bys.

A Perceptual Study Of Intonation

RRP $48.99

This book presents an experimental-phonetic approach to the study of intonation, defined as the ensemble of pitch variations in speech. It brings together in a single volume a detailed explication of the stylization method used in the analysis of intonation; theoretical insights and the experimental evidence that supports them, the results of physiological measurements that substantiate hypotheses about the production of intonation; and applications arising from the research. Johan't Hart, Rene Collier and Antonie Cohen argue that a perception-oriented approach, carried out by studying the perceptual consequences of deliberate manipulations of the speech signal, is the only way in which it can be decided what, out of the abundant information in the acoustic domain, is important for the listener and hence may be relevant for communication. The method they employ is fruitful not only for the analysis of Dutch, but also of British English, German and Russian intonation.

Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Face

RRP $19.99

Everyone has a dream, a vision, or goal of our presumed state of happiness for the future. We plan our whole lives to achieve this future, yet so often we find ourselves giving up on these dreams when we get knocked down trying. Reading this book will give you the tools you need to get back on your feet when this happens and to never stop hitting back. Driven by passion and real-world experience, this book's intention is to make you successful in the pursuit of your dream. Real and raw, author Lucas Mack gets down to the essentials of identity and what it means to be successful. "Everyone has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face" will break down your current beliefs and make you question everything you know. Through the course of the book, readers are walked through a theoretical and tactical guide to develop your authentic story by answering six essential questions. After reading this easy-to-digest book you will be fully equipped to withstand the hits that will inevitably occur and to achieve Victory.


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