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Selected Works Of A.n.kolmogorov

RRP $519.99

The Praesidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences has decided to publish three volumes of Selected Works of A.N. Kolmogorov, one of the most prominent mathematicians of the 20th century. The creative work of A.N. Kolmogorov is exceptionally versatile. In his studies on trigonometric and orthogonal series, theory of measure and inte- gral, mathematical logic, approximation theory, geometry, topology, functional analysis, classical mechanics, ergodic theory, superposition of functions, and in- formation theory, many conceptual and fundamental problems were solved and new questions were posed which gave rise to a great number of investigations. A.N. Kolmogorov is one of the founders of the Soviet school of probability theory, mathematical statistics, and the theory of turbulence. In these areas he obtained a number of basic results, with many applications to mechanics, geophysics, linguistics, biology and other branches of knowledge. This edition includes the most important papers by A.N. Kolmogorov on mathematics and natural science. It does not include philosophical and ped- agogical studies of A.N. Kolmogorov, his articles written for the "Bol'shaya Sov'etskaya Entsiklopediya", papers on prosody and various applications of mathematics and publications on general questions. The material of this edition was selected and grouped by A.N. Kolmogorov.

The Psychology Of Becoming A Successful Worker

RRP $302.99

What is success at work and why is it important? How do top workers describe their success? How can work, community, leadership, family, or home and school promote success?

Success at work is often associated with career-oriented individuals who sacrifice other areas of life to achieve highly in the workplace, but success can also be defined in other ways. It can consist of feelings of knowledge, competence and accomplishment, stemming from an inner drive to work well and create an expression of mastery. This book focuses on employees who have been rewarded for their skills and expertise.

Based on the authors' in-depth research into the phenomenon of success at work, this book provides a positive human-strength based approach to success and offers a fresh viewpoint to the modern, demanding and hectic work life. Drawing from the theory of positive psychology and outlining new theoretical ideas including work motivation, career orientation, work characteristics, and positive states of work, success is described as a combination of multiple elements which include other areas of life. The book is illustrated throughout with case studies from employees, and it will ignite thoughts about what success at work is and can be, and how to recognize factors which enhance or hinder success in varying contexts.

Considering a variety of data, this book will appeal to researchers and academics from the fields of work and organisational psychology, positive psychology, career counselling and coaching.

How Business Works

RRP $421.99

Bright, eager business students deserve a rigorous, exciting introduction to the fundamentals of business. "How Business Works: Making Profits, Taking Risks and Creating Value in a Global Economy" is a dynamic Introduction to Business textbook that offers a holistic, comprehensive, real-world approach, using practice and theory.
The global business challenges facing today s students are more complex than ever before. "How Business Works" presents a fresh, timely perspective on the way business is taught by organizing concepts around a unifying framework of value. This book prepares students to meet these challenges head-on and become successful learners and leaders. This is a serious textbook for serious business students. It addresses the quantitative and technical topics often glossed over in competing books, such as risk versus return, foreign exchange, and the time value of money.
Adopting professors will have access to a robust set of teaching and learning resources that will enable faculty and students to examine each business concept in greater depth. These resources include:
- An on-line test bank that includes over 1,900 questions, organized by chapter. Each question has a stated level of difficulty, a related lesson objective, and complete source information
- PowerPoint lecture slides
- Section and chapter video introductions by the author
- Related web videos that reinforce chapter content
- An Instructor s Manual
- A complete on-line Learning Management System with ancillaries fully loaded, including a gradebook and quizzes
- An opportunity to engage in a collaborative teaching community with the author and other adopters through dialog and guest-lecturer appearances
Adopters can also access a supplemental website,, which is a resource for students and teachers alike. The website offers a student forum, a meet-the-author segment, information on book organization and features, and other events and multimedia.
Written in a conversational, easy-to-read style, "How Business Works" is more than an outstanding textbook it provides transformational learning and teaching experiences.
Robert S. Kemp, DBA, CPA is the Ramon W. Breeden, Sr. Research Professor at the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia. During his 30 years at the school, he has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as executives around the world. His scholarly works include over 70 completed projects, including books, monographs, articles, cases, and working papers. He has worked with and taught for organizations such as Navigant, Bank of America, Wellington Management, Ernst & Young, the Russian Bankers Association, and other prestigious organizations. He is a Certified Public Accountant and possesses a baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate in business administration.

Language, Race, And Power In Schools

RRP $439.99

In this edited collection, authors from various academic, cultural, racial, linguistic, and personal backgrounds use critical discourse analysis as a conceptual framework and method to examine social inequities, identity issues, and linguistic discrimination faced by historically oppressed groups in schools and society. Language, Race, and Power in Schools unravels the ways and degrees to which these groups have faced and resisted oppression, and draws on critical discourse analysis to examine how multiple forms of oppression intersect. This volume interrogates areas of discrimination and injustice and discusses possibilities of developing coalitions and concerted efforts across the lines of diversity.

The Collected Works

RRP $2.00

Since her death in 1921, the celebrated Polish anthropologist Marya Antonina Czaplicka's life and works have retained a remarkable contemporary significance. A woman in the man's world of Oxford anthropology, she fought her way to acceptance as a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Anthropological Institute. Fluent in Russian, she revealed the exotic realms of the Siberian indigenous peoples and shamanism through her pioneering Aboriginal Siberia. Her account of her year in Siberia leading the 1914 Oxford University expedition, "My" "Siberian Year," provides a fascinating evocation of Siberian life on the eve of World War I. Czaplicka was an early advocate for autonomy for Russian Siberia and complete democratic independence for Poland, and she wrote perceptively on the Turks in Central Asia, the Cossacks, and Russian folklore. This is the first publication to gather together the complete writings of Czaplicka and includes letters and other previously unpublished material.


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